What it means to belong

What it means to belong

Belonging is a basic human need. Everyone wants to feel like they belong. 

Feeling like you belong...

✅️ Enhances motivation 

✅️ Can predict behaviour 

✅️ Guides thoughts 

✅️ Leads to better health and well being 

With the Tribe we aim to provide 1 hour a day where you feel you belong. Belong to something bigger than ourselves, through fitness we strive to improve ourselves and those around us. 

If you train with the Tribe, you belong to the Tribe. While that might sound like a lot, we actually think it’s the bare minimum our members should feel when they train with us. The feeling of belonging is really important to us and for that reason we feel it is important you understand what it means to belong, so you can do just that, with us. 

These are the 10 parts we attribute to belonging - we want you to be and feel these when you train with us.

Welcomed (feel)

The environment you place yourself in must open its doors to you in every way it can. Something about the place must say, “yes”... this is a place that offers me a happy face, a kind word or simple fist bump after you finish a tough WOD. Ultimately, you know the door is open if you want to cross the threshold.

Present (be)

You'll need to be present. The Tribe will make you feel right at home when you are here. Being present when you are here will demonstrate that you want to belong as much as we want you to with the Tribe. You will be a part of something which has a positive and lasting effect on your health and fitness and the broader health of the community you belong to.

Invited (feel)

You will not find a more inviting group of people than at Crossfit Santry. The Tribe will invite you into every aspect of what it means to be a valued member of an epic Crossfit Box. You'll be with us, and we’ll be with you, for the highs, lows, joys and pains. If you are a newcomer, we'll meet you where you're at and you'll be invited to immerse yourself in the Tribe at a level that suits you, 

Known (be)

In addition to being welcomed, we need to be known to feel like we belong. The Tribe at CFS will go out of their way to help here. The coaches take it as a personal mission to do so. Why? The simple answer is that it helps. The more we know about you and your lifestyle, the easier it is for us to modify a workout, change our coaching approach, or what you can expect you to take away from each session. It makes the experience, we hope, a more personal one for you. 

Supported (feel)

Supported in a group setting refers to receiving assistance, encouragement, or affirmation from fellow members within the group, fostering a sense of belonging, collaboration, and mutual aid. Know that in order to belong, you must be supported and this is irrespective of your ability or goals. When you are with the Tribe you will feel supported. Each of our coaches will support you in class, each of our members will support you in your workout and our wider community in general will support you in your life pursuits and endeavors should you allow us to do so. 

Accepted (be)

Being accepted as a person to a group refers to the process by which an individual is welcomed, included, and valued within a specific social or community setting, often involving recognition, validation, and integration into the group's norms, values, and activities. In short, you’ll be accepted for who you are and what you bring to the front within the Tribe. As long as your goal is to drive the process forward, you'll always be accepted at Crossfit Santry no matter the direction you have come from.

Cared for (feel)

Caring for someone involves a combination of emotional, physical, and practical support aimed at promoting their well-being and happiness. It goes beyond mere concern or affection and often requires active involvement and dedication. Caring for someone is an expression of love, kindness, and empathy, and it fosters real connections and meaningful relationships. At the Tribe we aim to foster a level of care for one another that goes beyond the 60 minutes we spend on the gym floor each day.

Befriended (be)

To be befriended means to develop a meaningful connection with someone who offers companionship, support, and camaraderie. Being befriended is a positive experience that can enrich your life and provide you with the opportunity to form meaningful connections with others. With the Tribe you will always find a friend, a person you have a shared interest with, someone to accompany you through your class, supporting you and celebrating you with a fist bump once it’s over. 

Uplifted (feel)

To "be uplifted" refers to experiencing a positive change in mood, spirit, or perspective as a result of external factors or interactions with others.Time with the Tribe aims to leave you inspired, encouraged, or elevated in a way that brings about a sense of upliftment or elevation of one's emotional state or outlook on life. To put it simply we want your time with us to be the best hour of your day.

Needed (be)

To "be needed" means to have a role, responsibility, or presence that is considered essential or valuable to others.Within the Tribe all our members should feel needed. Your fellow members rely on you for support, assistance, or contribution at the box. As a Tribe member your presence, actions, or qualities are important to them and have a significant impact on their well-being or the fulfillment of their needs. 

Everyone deserves to feel like they belong. With the Tribe it is the first thing we want to give you, because once you feel you belong, you will stay and then we can promise you the rest of the fitness stuff will be easy!